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Hey Dear One,

Welcome to our community!

My name is Jamie, I'm the Chief Manifesting Coach and Founder of ConsciousGems.

A tough childhood has given me the determination to live my life the way I wanted to live it without worrying about my finances... and my goal this year is to empower 10,000 people to live life with abundance, freedom and confidence no matter any setbacks life may give us.

Conscious Gems is a women led team that strives to inspire and bring the best out of YOU. We believe that you, who are reading this right now deserves to live a powerful and purposeful life without any means of holding back. 

You are fearless, unstoppable and amazing.
The Universe has worked it’s magic to bring you here and trust me. 

Right now, this is YOUR time, everything will start to work out perfectly for you. 
Our team has put in our heart to curate a series of personal development resources that you can download at no cost.

We can't wait to embark on this empowering journey with you!

With Love,


Discover Your Personal Power By Reprogramming Your Mind, Destroying Limiting Beliefs and Increasing your satisfaction in life.
Empowering Your Personal Growth Journey With Reflection, Clarification, Courage, Self-acceptance, and Love.
Reset Your Life By Understanding  What Exactly You Need To Do To Create A Mind That Naturally Attracts Success.

Goddess Activation MP3 Track

The biggest reason between the life you desire is down to one subconscious thought that is like a barrier between YOU and the life you want.

This Free Goddess Activation Theta Audio Track awakens your inner goddess so you can effortlessly rewire your subconscious to start being magnetic to your desires.

Just put on your headphones..Press play…

And your brain switches open the subconscious mode within minutes..much faster than any meditation track you may have tried until now. 

Reprogram Your Brain Course 

Discover the surprising way to change limiting thought patterns and be literally wired for success. You deserve to prime your mind to win at work and life by infusing
powerful intentions and attitudes.

In your free 5 modules, 36 Lessons Course..learn to create a HIGHLY successful version of your brain to attract your ideal lifestyle and the mindset, beliefs, and habits that support it!

Overnight Money Prayer

If you are tired living from paycheck to paycheck... This is your chance to switch on your hidden wealth mindset to live life at your own terms!  

Discover how you can transform dusty traditional mindset into a powerful cash machine by learning to use simple yet effective affirmations to create financial results you used to dream of. Transform negative money thoughts and behaviour into better habits and finally just to take a step back to liberate your mind from financial worries, stress and debt!

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.”

- Eric Butterworth



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